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 Justin Blanc

Music production has been part of Blanc’s life for quite a while, formerly known as Justin White, Blanc has polished his sound for a fresher, groovier and deeper musical spectrum bringing an underground sound to the ear. Anchored in Quebec City, Canada, Blanc has spent a good part of 2016 redesigning his productions. He will definitely shake things up over the course of 2017 releasing records, touring and collaborating on projects. Justin will absolutely make his mark to all you listeners with an amazing selection of tracks for his sets.

  • Justin Blanc - House Healed Me (TBD)
  • Justin Blanc - Rainy Days (TBD)
  • Justin Blanc - Chicken (TBD)
  • Justin Blanc - Places (TBD)
  • Justin Blanc - What is Going' On
  • Justin Blanc - Fuck my phone
  • Justin Blanc - Ya Know
  • Available for remixes anytime, give us a shout!